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About us

AVS is the specialist, professional entity responsible for protecting and commercialising novel technologies created by the Agriculture Victoria Research branch (AVR) of the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA).

Company Overview

AVS maximises the commercial impact and value of Agriculture Victoria research & innovation, so that Victorian agriculture and related industries are strong, innovative and sustainable, to contribute to better economic and societal outcomes.


AVS' Board of Directors, executive and operational structure recognises the commonality of goals between AVS and DEECA. The Company aims to provide a seamless interface with private sector collaborators and licensees to deliver an effective route-to-impact for the research and innovations of AVR.

Corporate Governance

AVS has a comprehensive governance framework to ensure the Company complies with its legal obligations, meets expected standards of propriety and delivers against its corporate responsibility to provide IP, commercialisation and collaboration support to DPJR.


AVS has a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and guidelines designed to protect the Company’s assets, uphold the integrity of its reporting systems, provide operational consistency and ensure compliance with legislation and Victorian Government policies.

AVS Values

We set the pace and lead commercialisation of Agriculture Victoria research & innovation. We are accountable for delivering credible, valuable and timely outcomes while managing risk. We strive to innovate to meet high standards of professional and ethical service delivery.


AVS is committed to applying merit and equity principles when appointing staff. Company recruitment processes ensure applicants are assessed and evaluated fairly and equitably based on the key selection criteria and accountabilities of vacant positions, without discrimination.