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Intellectual Property (IP) Management

Inventions held by AVS are represented within an IP portfolio comprising of more than 400 patent filings in over 31 countries and comprise a broad range of agricultural technologies and innovations created by the Agriculture Victoria Research branch (AVR) of the Victorian Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA).

AVS delivers expert IP strategy, management & technology transfer through:

IP Strategy

We guide IP assessments and help devise effective route-to-impact strategies for AVR innovations.

IP Protection

We guide and manage IP registration, prosecution & defense, and support the transfer of AVR technologies aligned with AVR route-to-impact strategies.

AVS’ key IP Strategic Objective

Maximise IP Asset Value & Impact.

AVS’ IP Strategic Priorities

To expertly protect and manage the IP-&-IC assets of Agriculture Victoria, to maximise their impact for industry and economic value for Victoria by providing:

  • specialist IP-&-IC route-to impact strategy advice,
  • IP strategy and registration advice,
  • IP registration and management services, and
  • technology transfer services.

AVR’s scientific research is aimed at developing and disseminating transformational tools and technologies for the economic benefit of the Australian dairy, grains, red meat and horticulture industries.

AVS’ patent portfolio comprises subject matter related to:

  • genetic improvement of plant and animal species that are important to Victoria,
  • pest and disease management,
  • novel molecular technologies for the analysis of microbiomes in association with plants and animals, and
  • digital AgTech technologies for effective crop and pasture measurement and management.

Patented inventions arising from AVR’s research activities include:

  • fungal and bacterial endophytes,
  • bioactive compounds and genomic technologies,
  • novel bacterial strains with bioprotection and biofertiliser activities,
  • enabling technologies for accelerated precision breeding of crops and livestock
  • sensor and software technologies, and
  • Plants with novel biochemical compositions.

AVS holds Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) registrations in Australia for several plant varieties bred by AVR. These PBR registrations relate to varieties of canola, wheat, barley, field peas, lentils, chickpeas, pears, peaches and potatoes. AVS also holds PBR registrations for new proprietary strains of medicinal cannabis and a forage grass endophyte.