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Employee Appointment Principles

AVS is committed to applying merit and equity principles when appointing staff. The Company's recruitment policies and processes ensure that all applicants are assessed and evaluated fairly and equitably based on the key selection criteria and accountabilities of vacant positions without discrimination.

Public Sector Values and Employment Principles

The Public Administration Act 2004 (Vic) established the Victorian Public-Sector Commission (VPSC). The VPSC’s role is to strengthen public sector efficiency, effectiveness and capability, as well as advocate for public sector professionalism and integrity.

AVS has a range of policies and practices that are consistent with the VPSC’s employment standards and provide for fair treatment, career opportunities and the early resolution of workplace issues.

AVS also regularly advises its employees on how to avoid conflicts of interest; how to respond to offers of gifts, benefits and hospitality; and how the Company deals with any misconduct.

Current Opportunities - AVS Job Vacancies:

All vacancies at AVS are advertised on the Victorian Government Jobs website Careers.vic