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Collaborative Research & Innovation

AVS supports and strengthens the commercial research and innovation collaborations that deliver AVR science and innovation for local industry impact through:

Commercial Collaboration Risk Assessment

We provide commercial partnering and risk assessments for AVR collaboration agreements and ventures.

Commercial R&I Collaboration Agreements

We provide a specialist commercial interface with the private sector
in negotiating and entering major AVR collaboration agreements.

AVS’ R&I Collaboration Strategic Objective

Leverage & Grow Collaborative Value & Impact

AVS’ R&I Collaboration Strategic Priority

To effectively support commercial R&I collaboration of Agriculture Victoria and help realise greater value and impact from existing and new R&I partners
by providing an effective legal entity through which commercial R&I collaboration and AVR are expertly assessed, negotiated, entered, and supported.

AVS always seeks to manage its commercial research & innovation collaborations consistent with the objectives of AVR, the Department’s IP Management Principles and Victorian Public Sector Values.