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Technology Commercialisation

AVS helps to determine the most appropriate ‘route-to-impact’ for research and innovation outputs of AVR. Where the economic and productivity outcomes for Victoria and Australia will be greater and more rapid, a commercial route-to-impact pathway is pursued.

Where a commercialisation route-to-impact is pursued, the primary objective of AVS is to maximise technology adoption by local industry for the economic benefit of the state.

Financial returns are a secondary objective and sought commensurate with fair and reasonable value attribution.

AVS’ strategic priority in the commercialisation of its IP assets are to ensure that commercialisation partnerships and agreements are negotiated and managed to: maximise the adoption of AVR-created technologies for local industry and farmer impact; to minimise risks; and to deliver economic and societal benefits for Victoria.

AVS always seeks to manage its technology commercialisation licences and collaborations consistent with the objectives of AVR, the Department’s IP Management Principles and Victorian Public Sector Values.