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Kabuli Chickpea Release - PBA Magnus

AVS licenced the rights to PB Seeds for the release of new Kabuli Chickpea Variety, PBA Magnus.

PBA Magnus is a large-seeded Kabuli chickpea. It is adapted to the medium rainfall chickpea growing regions of south-eastern Australia, where large seed size can be obtained. In these regions, it has improved grain yields across all yield environments and larger grain compared to the current large-seeded variety Genesis™ Kalkee.

PBA Magnus is the highest yielding large sized kabuli chickpea in medium rainfall environments in kabuli growing areas of south-eastern Australia.

About Agriculture Victoria Services Pty Ltd.

Agriculture Victoria Services Pty Ltd ("AVS") is the commercial and intellectual property management arm of Agriculture Victoria and its Agriculture Victoria Research ("AVR") division in the State of Victoria, Australia

About PB Seeds

PBSeeds specialises in the field of fine quality seed and grains. Their business is vertically integrated from the production of seed and grain, processing and packaging to marketing seed and grain domestically and internationally. They cater for small to large quantities, from retail packs to containers for export, and their production processes have excellent efficiency and traceability with HACCP quality assurance accredited by SGS. Their experience in lentils, pulses, and other grains expands over 20 years and they have extensive networks across Australia and overseas.